Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekly Whiskey Episode 18

Whew, another long episode!


Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

Congratulations on the book! I truly enjoy your written music reviews. Your videos are informative and fun to listen to (I often watch the episodes while working so it's not possible to see the visuals). Will definitely purchase a hard copy when the book is on Amazon.

sunscraper said...

Hey man, I really enjoyed the post. It's all about the digressions! Agree with your verdict on the National's albums. Alligator rocks. Also Teen Dream has to be my favourite album of that year, yet that said, I'm not familiar with the Walkman's or Frog Eyes' efforts. Which I will now acquaint myself with upon your glowing recommendations. Just out of curiosity would you say the wolf parade album from 2010 is superior to Apologies...? Cuz that was awesome. Congrats on the book thing too. Tim

Greg Lytle said...

I feel like all three Wolf Parade albums come from very different places, to the point where they could be the work of three separate bands. Their first album has a terrible sense of dramatic urgency that is hard to explain; while listening to it, I picture scenes like some dude desperately trying to find his girlfriend at a big house party and slowly realizing she's in some bedroom with another dude. It's a tight and incredibly hooky record but it makes me tense and ready for action.

Expo 86 is more about the musicianship and a sense of expanse or travel. It's a great album to drive or exercise to. The hooks and melodies take time to unveil themselves to you but since the album was recorded live with all members playing together, there is still energy and passion in the performances.

Honestly I think all three of their albums are five stars, so...yeah.