Thursday, August 18, 2011

For Sale Now!

Just approved the proof copy of the first collection of blog posts. You can order it now from the following site:

It's not available on Amazon for a couple weeks but if you order from the CreateSpace site I get slightly more royalty money. But I know Amazon has that free shipping awesomeness going on...In any case, it's $12.99 for 252 pages and represents more than a year of hard work, between posting all the original articles during 2008 as well as spending the last six months editing them, writing footnotes/commentary on each article/review, and making the table of contents (which is a hellish ordeal if you don't plan ahead, as I didn't!).

I'm sure there are still some spelling/grammatical errors but since I did this all on my own I can only feel so bad about it.

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