Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Video: Busta Rhymes- Gimme Some More

There's something sublimely strange about some of the music videos that Hype Williams made in the mid-to-late 90s. I mean, would it be wrong to say that the fisheye lens was the best thing that ever happened to rap videos??

A few of Busta's other videos from this era, along with Missy Elliott's 'The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)', form a kind of surreal, absurdist time capsule of an era when the economy was strong, the worst thing our President had done was getting a blowjob or three, and many were content to spend their weekend afternoons high as hell watching rap videos. God Bless America. From Wikipedia:
"The music video for "Gimme Some More" was directed by Hype Williams along with Busta Rhymes himself, credited as Busta Remo. Like much of Busta's ealier music videos, it is shot through fish-eye lens in slow motion and is largely absurdist in nature. Opening up with a Looney Toons-like intro, the video begins with Busta Rhymes narrating in the background, recalling how he once bumped his head as a child. A little boy portraying Busta as a child acts this out. A woman runs out of house to the aid of Busta, asking him—as Busta narrates—"Did you bump your head?" Busta says, "Yeah..." The woman then asks, "So that means you gon' switch it on 'em?", with Busta replying, "Yeah...Flip Mode...Flip Mode is the greatest!" Suddenly, the child turns into a hideous, little blue monster and chases the woman around and throughout the house. The story is intercut with scenes of Busta Rhymes and other members of Flip Mode Squad in outrageous costumes and situations. Busta is seen as a boxer, stock broker, police officer, miner, pistol-toting Texan, body builder, pimp and a person tied up about to get run over by a train. The video ends on an unresolved cliffhanger, with the woman trapped on top of a refrigerator and the monster climbing closer and closer towards her."

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