Thursday, March 22, 2012

The End Of Whiskey Pie?

Just watch the video.


thevoid99 said...

I'm a bit sad you're going to shelve the blog though I can understand why.

Right now, I've lost interest in writing about music as well. I'm not really into new music these days as I've been really getting into the music of George Harrison, Spaceman 3, Cocteau Twins, and Talking Heads. I just want to chill and listen to it. Writing about it doesn't inspire me anymore.

It's just that I've been so busy writing about films and writing my own screenplays. I decided to revisit an old script that I had an idea for years ago and turn it into a script.

Anyways, thanks for the shout-out and hope you do well in your life.

debbyca said...

Hi Greg,

The new Walkmen record is going to be released soon, and I wish you could start writing again. I really enjoyed reading your posts on the Walkmen (and Low, too) since they were so sincerely written and personal. My listening experience of the Walkmen's music wouldn't be the same without your writing, seriously.

Just wanna thank you for everything on the blog and wish you success on whatever you're working on now. :-)