Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekly Whiskey Episode 40

We celebrate turning 40...with a long, rambling bitch-and-rant sessions before talking about a couple 2007 albums.


thevoid99 said...

I feel you dude. I'm still working on my Favorite Albums essay on Hunky Dory but the problem is that I don't have any idea what to say.

I have other essays and film reviews that I'm working on. I haven't written a music review in weeks. And the last one was on that soundtrack for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which wasn't easy I had to stray from my usual approach to writing music reviews.

I just do it when I feel like it. I try not to force myself. Plus, I prefer to take my time when it comes to these essay projects that I'm doing as I'm nearly done on my essays on Lars von Trier and the film Secretary.

Deb said...

Hi Greg,

I can really relate to what you said at the beginning of this episode. I also tend to stress myself out in the process of writing an article and thus procrastinate. Do take your time and relax. :-) The sound-alike article sounds fun. Just want to let you know that there are readers out there, even from the other side of the globe.