Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekly Whiskey Episode 28

Hey, episode 28. I meant to say something else, but I got nothin'.


thevoid99 said...

Turn It Up Faggot is an album I think I've only heard a couple of times. I'm not impressed by it. I don't think it's a very good record. There's some interesting moments but I can see why the band never plays it. I don't blame them when compared to the material that they would do. For me, if anyone was interested in Deerhunter. I would say, "get that one after the other albums."

BTW, have you seen them live?

Greg Lytle said...

Nope, never seen them live. Actually, I did catch the last couple minutes of them at Pitchfork in 2007, but I wasn't familiar with them at the time and have no idea what song, if any it was. Sounded like a noise/loops improvisation, if my memory is correct.