Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great Album Covers: April

The last two album covers by Sun Kil Moon can serve as signifiers for the focus of the lyrics inside. While last year's Admiral Fell Promises featured a hazy view from a window, hinting at that album's sense of being on-the-move and watching the world while not always becoming directly involved, 2008's April looks like a particularly artsy photo from an antiques store. Or, more likely, the nice lighting above the dinner table in someone's house.

Mark Kozelek's lyrics evoke those introspective, dramatic moments that occur when you're in a relationship or getting over one. In particular, the kind of realizations you have while unable to sleep and staring at the fancy lights in your dining room. You know, kind of like the cover of the album.

Even without all of that in mind, this is still a really lovely cover. I've used it as my desktop background at work for a couple years.

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