Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whiskey Pie In 2010

Since Whiskey Pie has been around for a couple years, and it launched at the start of January of '08, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with this blog. So, I'm going to take this opportunity to lay out the changes I have in mind.

First of all, those 'Best Albums of 2009' videos are only the beginning of video content for Whiskey Pie. I bought an actual microphone this past weekend, so they'll at least sound good from now on. However, making videos takes at least three times as long as a typical written post, so this also means that I will be doing less posts per week. My initial plan is to do one written post and one video per week, but we'll see how this goes.

Furthermore, I won't be doing any more 'Album Of The Week' or music video posts. They just aren't necessary, especially with my one written/one video posting schedule. I'm not sure how many of the other special category posts I'll be doing--Your Or Your Memory and the like. Probably I'll adapt the old ones or create new ones that work better with videos.

I also want to try to do more posts on movies (and especially) videogames in 2010. I think I've gotten pretty good about consistently well written and interesting music reviews and posts, but I'm always trying to challenge myself with my writing, and trying more reviews, criticism, and features about other forms of entertainment is something I absolutely need to do.

I'm still learning my way through what I want to do with videos, especially as far as what is entertaining enough to watch/listen to with the kind of voice and style I have, so the format of the videos will likely vary a bit until I figure out what seems best. At the same time, I want to keep the quality of the writing and content as high as it's been. I don't want to do super short videos with dumbed down content. Sure, shorter videos are easier to make, but if I'm just showing a picture of the album cover, yelling "it sucks!", and then rolling credits, that's not very good. In fact, you might say it sucks.

OK, enough rambling. Look for written posts on Thursdays and videos on Tuesdays.

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Chris said...

I am excited to see what you come up with this year Greg. This blog remains one of my favorite music/movie/game blogs out there.

On the business side, you should get a feedburner account and insert some ads into your feed.