Sunday, June 28, 2009

Video: Sunset Rubdown- Us Ones In Between (Live)

After downloading a torrent of the new Sunset Rubdown album, Dragonslayer, I listened to it, obsessed, for 2 days before finally snapping and ordering all of their stuff I could get from I had always liked this band but felt that Wolf Parade was the superior product that Spencer Krug focused his efforts on. After Dragonslayer, Wolf Parade begins to look like the so-called "side project" and not the other way around. Seriously. The album is that good. It's easily up there with the Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear releases for "ALBUM OF THE YEAR ZOMG" contention.

Anyway, enjoy this live video from the Random Spirit Lover era.

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patrick said...

I need to make this chick my girlfriend.